Why Would You See A Podiatrist?


Why would you see a podiatrist? Athlete’s foot, numb toes, a broken ankle, ingrown toenails, calluses, and joint pain are just the beginning.


Summer is coming, and that means you’ll be barefoot more often than not. But are your feet ready for sandal season? Even if you’ve recently indulged in a pedicure, the answer might be no. Today, Dr. Danielle Malin looks at the top answers to the question, “Why would you see a podiatrist?”

Reason #1: Your Feet Are Numb Or Swollen


Swollen feet are normal after being up and moving around all day. However, if you notice that your feet are swelling even when at rest or they feel numb, then it’s time to call your podiatrist. Spring Hill, TN, residents can quickly and easily make an appointment with Premier Foot & Ankle Care.

Reason #2: Fungus


Nail fungus can turn into infections that can quickly discolor your nails. Even worse, if you go to the gym or walk around barefoot, you can spread the infection to others. If your toenails are thick, yellow, or flaky, it’s time to call your podiatrist for a quick exam.

Reason #3: Athlete’s Foot


Many people get athlete’s foot at some point in their lives, but that doesn’t mean that you have to deal with it continually. Recurrent athlete’s foot might require a stronger cream or prescription medication.

Reason #4: Diabetes


Diabetes is a serious health condition that can result in decreased circulation, especially in your lower extremities. If you are not seeing a podiatrist and have already been diagnosed with type I or type II diabetes, you should know that you are at a high risk of nerve damage, infection, ulcers, and more. It’s never too early in the year to schedule your summer podiatric appointment to help reduce your risk.

Reason #5: Ingrown Toenails


We don’t often think of an ingrown nail as something that needs the attention of a podiatrist. But it is. Although your local nail salon might offer to trim your toenails, your podiatrist is an expert that can also look for an infection or other issues, such as poorly trimmed nails. 

Reason #6: Painful Calluses


Calluses happen, but they should never cause you pain. If you’re already using an over-the-counter foot softening cream but your calluses (or corns) start to hurt, your podiatrist has ways to remove the hardened skin and reduce pain.

Reason #7: Ankle Sprains


Maybe you jumped on the trampoline or went too hard at your first spring run through the neighborhood. Whatever the reason, your ankle hurts, and walking isn’t comfortable. While your orthopedist can help with most sprains, strains, and breaks, a podiatrist is a foot and ankle specialist that can get you back up and running in no time.

Reason #8: Joint Pain


Like an ankle sprain or strain, joint pain can keep you sitting on the sidelines. When anti-inflammatory medicine, such as ibuprofen, doesn’t work, your podiatrist can help uncover the underlying cause of joint pain and stiffness.

Reason #9: Bunions


If you have a bunion, which Dr. Danielle Malin explains is a bony bump on the outside of the joint of your big toe, you might experience pain when wearing your favorite shoes. A quick x-ray at the podiatrist’s office can show the doctor everything she needs to know to recommend a treatment based on your body’s physiology.

Reason #10: Heel Pain


Your toes and ankles aren’t the only parts of the body that might trigger a foot exam. If you have heel pain that doesn’t go away after rest, contact the office for an appointment.


Summer feet begin in the spring, and your podiatrist can help uncover any underlying issues that might make flip-flops a big flop. Contact Premier Foot & Ankle Care today to schedule your appointment and get ready to show your toes all summer long.


Dr. Danielle Malin, DPM of Premier Foot & Ankle Care in Columbia, TN, specializes in treating foot and ankle pain, Achilles tendinitis, warts, nail disorders, hammertoe, bunions, and more. She is a skilled foot and ankle surgeon who offers personalized patient care through her full-service office. Dr. Malin is unique among local podiatrists in that she makes house calls so that she can best care for her diverse patient base. Premier Foot & Ankle Care care treats both adult and pediatric patients. A staff physician at Maury Regional Medical Center, Dr. Malin is Board Certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery.


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