What Do You Wear For A Podiatry Appointment, And How Can You Prepare Yourself?

If you’re stressing about what to wear for podiatry appointments, don’t. Bring yourself and wear something comfortable.


If you’re visiting your podiatrist in Columbia, TN, for the first time, you may be wondering, “what do you wear for a podiatry appointment?” You may also wonder how to best prepare yourself to get the most out of your visit and your time with your doctor. Today’s tips can help you feel more confident on your first appointment.

Start with a list.


One of the most important things that you can do to help your podiatrist help you is to have a list of all of your symptoms. Make a note about everything you can remember that revolves around your foot or ankle problems. You should also include when they started, what your symptoms feel like, and if there’s anything that makes them worse or better.

Bring a list of medical conditions, allergies, and medications.


If possible, arrive at your appointment 10 minutes early so that you can fill out your paperwork. During this time, you’ll be asked about your medical conditions, allergies, and any medications that you’re currently taking. It is important that your podiatrist knows these things, even if you don’t think certain parts of your medical history are pertinent.

Be prepared to ask questions.


We always welcome questions, and we encourage all of our patients to speak up and ask for clarification if they need it. As your hometown podiatrist, Columbia-based Premier Foot And Ankle Care wants our friends and neighbors to feel comfortable, even when asking embarrassing questions. Remember, we are here for you, and there’s nothing you can ask that we haven’t seen before.


Dress comfortably.


You don’t have to dress up, put on makeup, or even do your hair to see your podiatrist. Sweatpants and a T-shirt are totally appropriate attire for the podiatrist’s office. If you’re coming straight from work and have on restrictive clothing, no worries. We can work around you. If you wear a dress or skirt, however, it might be best to put on a pair of shorts under in case your podiatrist needs to take a look at the range of motion on your legs.

What To Bring With You


If you’re seeing your podiatrist for the very first time, we ask that you bring at least one or two pairs of your favorite shoes. This can help us assess the wear pattern, which can point us in the right direction. You also want to make sure to bring any relevant scans/x-rays and paperwork from previous providers. Importantly, if you’ve been referred to a podiatrist in Columbia from another health care professional, bring your referral paperwork. While we do not require a referral, your insurance may.


You don’t have to dress to the nines to visit your podiatrist. We want you to be comfortable both in what you wear and how you interact with our doctor, office staff, and medical assistants. Still have questions? Contact us today, and let us help you walk into your podiatrist appointment with confidence.

Dr. Danielle Malin of Premier Foot & Ankle Care in Columbia, TN, specializes in treating foot and ankle pain, Achilles tendinitis, warts, nail disorders, hammertoe, bunions, and more. She is a skilled foot and ankle surgeon who offers personalized patient care through her full-service office. Dr. Malin is unique among local podiatric specialists in that she makes house calls so that she can best care for her diverse patient base. Premier Foot & Ankle care treats both adult and pediatric patients. A staff physician at Maury regional, Dr. Malin is board certified by the American Board of Foot & Ankle Surgery.


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