Runners! Here Are Four Ways To Show Your Feet You Care

Running is one of the greatest exercises there is, but you have to do it safely, and you have to take good care of your feet before, during, and after. Foot and ankle doctor, Dr. Danielle Malin, of Columbia’s Premier Foot & Ankle Care offers insight on four ways you can do just that in today’s brief post.

Get a massage.

Few things are more relaxing than a nice massage. Unfortunately, this can be expensive, and you likely can’t run to your masseuse or day spa every time you go for a jog. The foot and ankle Dr. offers this advice for those seeking self-massage: start by squeezing the toes together and then gently rub the back of your heel with your fingers and thumb. Move upward with light pressure toward the base of the toes. You can also gently pull the toes apart and give them a little stretch.

Check your shoes.

Before you ever step into your sneakers, make sure you’re wearing the right footwear. Runners should have something that fits well, helps maintain the arch, and won’t come untied in the middle of a stride. Ideally, you’ll wear shoes that have been sized to your feet; your foot and ankle doctor can recommend inserts and give you more insight on what to look for in a running shoe.

Moisturize your feet.

When you run, you sweat through your feet. Ironically, this can cause your feet to dry out faster than normal. Dry feet can easily lead to cracks and tears, which are open doorways into your body for germs, bacteria, and fungus. Keep your feet moisturized using a water-based lotion or balm. Bonus points if you moisturize directly after a shower and then put on dry, clean socks afterward. The foot and ankle doctor also says there’s nothing wrong with investing in a heated footbath, which will help restore moisture and promote relaxation.

Visit your podiatrist.

A podiatrist is a doctor that has extensive experience in problems of the feet and ankles. Few things cause more issues with these areas than running, especially if you’re doing it the wrong way or not taking care of your feet. If you experience pain or discomfort when bearing weight on your feet or ankles, schedule an office appointment so that Dr. Malin can get down to the root problem and help you get back on the track.

Dr. Danielle Malin is a foot and ankle doctor with her own clinic, Premier Foot & Ankle Care, in Columbia, TN. She offers a variety of services for both adults and children, and Dr. Malin even makes house calls for those who can’t make it to the office.


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